Grey’s Anatomy Contracts are Running Out

callie-torres-ladies-of-greys-anatomy-16767541-1024-768With a lot of the actors from the beginning and staple actors’ contracts running out, the future of Grey’s Anatomy is very hazy.

At the beginning of the season, Sandra Oh, who plays your favorite heart surgeon, Cristina Yang, announced her departure from the show after this season. Sara Ramirez’s contract is also up for renewal.

She told TV Line: “I am also figuring out what’s going to happened for me at the end of year. We’ll see what happens.”

Sara is very sad to see Sandra go.

“It feels like an era has ended,” she said to TV Line.

Cristina is actually the reason why Sara started watching the show, before she was even apart of it.

A lot of actors will be deciding the fate of their characters this season. So what does this mean for the show? Is there a show without Cristina and Callie? There’s so many doctors that you would think, well there are plenty other character’s story lines, but Cristina has been there since the beginning and Callie has become a key character in the series.

After ten seasons should the show continue? I guess a lot of that depends on how many actors are willing to commit to their characters longer. Ten years is a long time to play the same character. How long should a show go on before it’s gone past its prime. Grey’s Anatomy is still going strong, but should it end on a high note, when it could lose steam if it continues, especially without Cristina?

If Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey decide to leave, I think there would be no show. That would be three original characters gone. I know we have a lot of new interns, but the show has always revolved around Cristina and Meredith, and Meredith and Derek. Without those dynamic pairs, I think it would be time to call it quits. Meredith and Cristina may be on the outs now, but that’s still part of their storyline.

Do you think Grey’s Anatomy should see how long it can go for or end on a high note?


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