Bones Season 9 Episode 10

It’s not often we see Brennan cut loose and have some fun. I mean even on her honeymoon she solved a case, on her vacations she goes and identifies human remains.

You would almost think she didn’t know how to have fun, but when she decides to cut loose, it gets wild. How many shots did they have? How were they still standing the next morning? I would not do a five finger fillet sober let alone drunk. Was Brennan not afraid she would stab her hand?

After all that fun Brennan had to be her, bluntness and all, self and get them all into a fight and almost arrested, well technically they were arrested. But I guess it’s good to be married to an FBI agent. Over all I think Brennan had an almost normal Bachelorette party.

I’m glad that Booth and Angela have made up. Anyone would be upset when their best friend’s boyfriend is all of sudden not wanting to marry them. She was just being a friend. Booth shouldn’t have been mad at Angela at all. Angela maybe should have had a talk with Booth sooner though.

I don’t think Hodgins has ever been in charge of the lab. He’s done many experiments and used bugs to solve cases, but he’s never held down the fort before.

This was definitely a different episode than typical Bones’s episodes. After nine seasons you have change things, especially when Booth and Brennan are together now. You can’t have that ‘will they or won’t they’ being the elephant in the room anymore.

The lab assistant was even worse than Brennan. She had no emotion at all. There’s no way she could have killed the guy. I thought Brennan was bad when the show first started, but this woman was even colder. Brennan’s warmed up a lot with the help of Angela and Booth, but she was never that cold. Now this woman probably doesn’t know how to have fun and would never be seen in a bar having shots and dressed as a cowgirl.

Check out the preview December 6. A case takes Booth and Brennan into the competitive world of gymnastics:


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