The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 8

The-Vampire-Diaries-season-5We heard a brief mention of the augustine vampire before, but I would never have guest that Damon was one of them. And now he’s one of them again. What on earth do they do to the vampires? How did Damon escape before?

With Stefan hating him and Caroline still hating him, Elena will be the only one to come to his rescue, but she doesn’t even know what happened to him. Plus now Dr. Maxfield knows Elena and Caroline are vampires. This is not looking good.

I felt bad for Caroline losing Jessie when she just lost Tyler, but he was going to kill Damon and probably would have killed her. But wait a minute, when Michael drank Stefan’s blood he was fine. So wouldn’t Damon be fine? Elena could have staked him else where just to get him off Damon, did it have to be in the heart?

Would Bonnie have told Jeremy if he didn’t see it for himself? That doesn’t look pleasant having the dead cross through you. As she said, they knew there would be consequences. I guess she feels that all that pain is worth being alive again. She can talk to all of her friends and she can feel now, though she’s technically dead.

I never thought about her not having her powers anymore. She had her powers to close the vail, but I guess after that she lost them. She’s still a supernatural being though. I get that Caroline, Elena and Bonnie want to be normal freshman, but they are as far from normal as you can get.

Maybe this is just me being biased, but I don’t think Damon is as bad as Caroline thinks he is. I think Damon should have killed Dr. Maxfield. Not that I usually condone killing, but I don’t agree with what Dr. Maxfield is doing and I do not like that he will experiment on Damon now too. It’s seems to be when Damon doesn’t kill someone it usually backfires not always though. I mean Caroline turned out to be a good vampire, but in a lot of cases it does turn out bad.

At least Stefan opened up to Katherine. He needed to tell someone he was suffering. And Katherine was actually helpful. She got rid of the passenger in Matt and helped Stefan fight through his PTS. She did have to kill her daughter’s boyfriend, but Katherine was right, that was not the man for Nadia.

Check out the preview for December 5. Experiments begin on Damon while Elena desperately tries to find him:


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