Nashville Season 2 Episode 8

nashville-season-2-posterMy heart just broke for Scarlett as she froze up on stage and I wanted to punch Jeff for getting in her head. You are not supposed to terrify someone before they get out on stage in front of that many people, you are supposed to encourage them.

Scarlett was all excited before Jeff got in her head and now she doesn’t know if she’s cut out for it. She killed it the second night. She really got the crowed into it and put on a great performance, so what is the problem? Does she not want this? Or does she want it and is scared? Just because Deacon couldn’t do it, though he still could, doesn’t mean she can’t.

It was a pretty successful start of the tour. Scarlett was able to perform great the second night, Gunnar wrote a hit song, Luke got his hit song and Rayna was able to to trade the duet with Luke for the master’s of her album. Not too bad when at the start it seemed like everything was falling apart. Rayna had to give up her master’s and Jeff sabotaged Scarlett’s performance and Gunner was having a little difficulty writing a song. It didn’t take Gunnar long to put the song together though.

I’m proud of Juliette, not just for standing up to the Wentworth’s, but for actually confiding in someone, Avery. It’s about time she can have a friend she can confide in. And Avery has come a long way since his big break.

I think Olivia is jealous of what Charlie and Juliette have, even though it was just supposed to be a fling. By the look on his face he had no idea his wife had gone and propositioned Juliette. Maybe he really does care for her, but did he forget he’s married? Why do the rich always seem to go by different rules?

Check out the preview the episode in two weeks. Layla wants to be the new Queen of country music and Deacon and Teddy argue over Maddie:

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