Supernatural Season 9 Episode 7

ustv-supernatural-season-9-posterLooks like Dean actually had a taste of the normal life, even if it was only for two months.

This week Dean and Sam’s case took Dean back down memory road. Back when Dean was 16 he got arrested for stealing bread and peanut butter because he lost their money for food and got put in a boy’s home.

But it wasn’t a horrible experience, in fact he got a chance at a normal life. He even had his first kiss. But when Dean was about to attend his first school dance his father showed up to take him away. The owner of the boy’s home, Sonny, offered to help him stay, but Dean looked outside and saw Sam and there was no way he could stay. His job was taking care of Sam.

We always assumed that Sam was the only one you had the taste of the normal life through going to Stanford, but looks like Dean got a bit of his own.

It’s been a while since we’ve gone down memory road, I guess there are still past stories to tell.

Something that was typical was Dean taking a chance at something and it working out. He guessed that when Timmy let his mother go she would pass on and she did. Sam is always taking chances and having them pay off as well.

I don’t think they’ve ever come across a ghost that’s been anchored there by a person. I am sure there is some lore that would tell you how to get rid of the ghost, but they didn’t have the luxury of research when they were fighting for their lives, so Dean took a shot.

It’s nice to have some old school Supernatural cases, they are the bread and butter of the show before angels and demons took over the storyline.

Next week looks to be another typical case. Check out the preview for next week where Sam and Dean take purity pledges:


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