TVD/The Originals Crossover: Klaus is Returning to Mystic Falls

readheadlovex | photobucket

readheadlovex | photobucket

After Tyler broke Caroline’s heart and then journeyed to New Orleans to seek revenge we hear that Klaus will be returning to Mystic Falls, but the when and why are being kept secret for the moment.

According to Hollywood Life, Joseph Morgan will be appearing on The Vampire Diaries before the end of season five.

The speculation on TV is that Joseph will be guest starting on the 100th episode of The Vampire Diaries that will air in early 2014, but neither the CW or Warner Bros will confirm this.

Fans are also thinking that Klaus’s return will have something to do with Caroline. Now that Tyler has broken it off with Caroline fan’s think it may be time for Klaus and Caroline to get together.

In the season four finale Klaus granted Tyler’s freedom and said: “He’s your first love. I intend to be your last.”

Joseph told TV Guide:  “[There was] a responsibility for the fans who were rooting for Klaus and Caroline to at least give them some sort of resolve. That’s not saying it’s the end of that because there’s the potential of crossovers.”

Candice Accola is not so sure the relationship will ever happen.

“Klaus is a bit of a bad word for Caroline,” she said to TV Guide. “It’s a little out of sight out of mind — but he’s still there.”

Wetpaint has a similar theory that Klaus’s return could be because of Caroline.

In a season five spoiler a character gets abducted and Wetpaint believes if the character is Caroline, Klaus would come to her rescue.

Why do you think Klaus is returning to Mystic Falls and when do you think he will make his appearance?


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