Revenge Season 3 Episode 8

revenge_season_3_by_myrmorko-d5rsu9f (1)The wedding is coming closer and closer and Victoria keeps trying desperately to break Emily and Daniel apart. But Emily is keeping one step ahead of her, or so she thought.

Sarah is genuinely a nice girl, but between her feelings for Daniel and his for her, it couldn’t keep them apart. She didn’t work with Victoria to break Emily and Daniel apart though, the spark was just too much to deny.

Emily pulled the oldest trick in the book, she faked a pregnancy. After everything she’s done, we can’t really judge her for faking a pregnancy. It’s probably the nicest thing she’s done with all of her schemes. If it gets them to the wedding then I guess that’s all that matters.

She’s really pulling out all the stops between breaking down in front of Sarah and telling Daniel about it.

It’s sweet that Jack is worried about Emily, but she doesn’t need to be looked after and I think her and Aiden are perfect for each other. While I don’t agree in keeping secrets, they are keeping secrets from each other. That’s just how they’ve been trained. Will they last after the mission is done though? Will they not be bored out of their minds? I still think she needs to rethink her endgame. I think she needs to end this while she can still have Nolan and Jack as friends.

Once again I am liking Margo, although her persistence may jeopardize Emily’s plan. She’s convinced that Conrad has some juicy secrets and she’s not wrong. It’s just a matter of finding the person to tell them and she hit the jackpot. Do you remember Lydia Davis? She knows all of their secrets and she’s ready to tell them.

Emily wants the truth to come out, so could this be an easy way to get the truth out? Or could this just be yet another thing to destroy her plan?

Check out the preview for Revenge three weeks away, December 8. There’s only one more episode before the wedding:


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