TVD/The Originals Crossover: Tyler Starts His Revenge

photobucket |theredfear

photobucket |theredfear

Tyler has arrived in New Orleans and he’s not acting like the Tyler we all love. Caroline would not be proud of his actions.

Hayley did betray Tyler when she was part of the reason the hybrids were killed, but she wanted to know about her family and a lot of people were tricked when the professor was trying to resurrect Silas.

I don’t think Carol would approve of her son’s methods to get revenge for her. She would want him to be happy.

If Tyler had never tested his theory that the baby could create hybrids, Klaus might have never known about it. That’s assuming he didn’t know already. But as Hayley said it seemed like the hybrid was sired to her, not Klaus. Was Dwayne sired to the baby and because the baby is in Hayley, he was sired to Hayley?

I was getting worried there for a brief moment that Klaus was going to kill Tyler, but it seems that this is just the beginning of Tyler’s revenge. Klaus told Tyler that he means nothing to him. But what will Klaus think when he finds out that Tyler has teamed up with Marcel?

Tyler told Marcel that Hayley’s baby would be the end of the vampire species. Did Tyler miss the fact that the hybrid he created was sired to Hayley?

This poor baby is now targeted and she has nothing to do with the war between werewolves and vampires or the war between Klaus and Marcel. So does this mean Marcel, Tyler and Rebekah will be trying to destroy Klaus?

So what did everyone think of Tyler’s entrance into New Orleans? Is he the bad guy or the good guy? It’s hard to tell, but he seems to be willing to do anything to seek revenge for everything Klaus has taken from him. But Tyler you still had Caroline. I don’t think Caroline would want this Tyler anyways. It looks like Tyler is in this till the death.


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