The Originals Season 1 Episode 7

the-originals-posterThe line of who’s the good guys and who’s the bad guys are very blurred in New Orleans. It all depends on your perspective and who’s side you are on.

Poor Rebekah she’s been given the choice between her brother and love. Unfortunately the guy she would be betraying her brother for is a lot like Klaus.

Does Marcel have what it takes to defeat Klaus? Many have tried and many have failed. Rebekah has even been apart of the plan for taking down Klaus, but Elena put a dagger in her before she could get weak.

For one brief moment  Elena, Stefan, Caroline, Tyler and Bonnie thought they had defeated Klaus, but with a super vampier, Alaric, running around trying to make vampires extinct, Bonnie had to protect her friends. Klaus was a sitting duck, so Klaus borrowed Tyler’s body and was able to trick Alaric. It’s hard to get rid of someone who’s life depends on a lot of other people’s lives.

Will Rebekah be able to go through with destroying her brother? She’s lied to Klaus saying that Marcel is not plotting against him. So maybe she’s made her choice.

I really thought Marcel had taken Hayley. I never would have guessed Tyler would be the one to kidnap her.

Did Klaus know that he could create more hybrids with Hayley’s baby? The look on his face says no, but I don’t blame Halley for believing Tyler. Since she’s lived with originals she’s seen Klaus hand over Elijah to Marcel and heard all the horrible things Klaus has done.

Elijah was ready to condemn Klaus, but with good reason. But he was also quick to forgive. Klaus thinks Elijah is done with him, but is he? Klaus has betrayed Elijah so many times, but Elijah keeps forgiving.

Who left the book for Hayley? We haven’t learned much about Hayley’s family yet. We know her name use to be Andrea and that her family was run out of New Orleans by the vampires. It’s a start.

This was the first crossover episode for The Vampire Diaries and The Originals. Check out TVD/The Originals Crossover: Tyler Starts His Revenge.

Check out the preview for November 26. War is beginning:


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