Bones Season 9 Episode 8

In the last couple of seasons Bones has lacked charm of earlier seasons in a lot of episodes, but this episode was a refreshing spark of the past.

Hodgins was giving birth to a fly and it seemed normal by the time he gave birth and it actually sounded like he was giving birth. Only Hodgins would be willing to let a bug grow inside of him. In one way it was very sweet that he wanted to give life to a bug, especially since he has to kill many of them for his work for evidence. On the other hand it’s disturbing. As Cam said there must be some sort of rule that forbids you giving birth to a bug.

The case itself was also very interesting and more like the old Bones’ cases.

It started out as a typical case where someone finds the remains and not so surprisingly the remains were a little difficult to analyze between being stuck in a dam and covered in glue from slugs. Once they started investigating the man was very interesting. At first I thought it was very creepy when  he was taking pictures of children in the park. It was a little less creepy when we found out they were all his. Is that normal though? For a sperm donor to know who gets his sperm?

This guy certainly had many people that could have killed him. Between the mother’s who bought his sperm, his drug dealer/ trainer and his two girlfriends. He lied to the sperm bank and other people he gave his sperm to about his education and had an affair with the manager of the sperm bank and got her pregnant, even though he didn’t want kids. This definitely seemed like a case from the past.

Brennan is always honest to a fault and sometimes that can get her in hot water. This time she was used for her bluntness to sell books. She tried to apologize to Tess, but Tess just baited her more to get more publicity. Then Brennan confronted her about it and they were both caught on tape. Tess was calling her readers idiots and Brennan she said she wanted no part of it. Tess was dropped from her publisher and Brennan is probably going to enjoy another best seller. Her honesty and morals paid off in the end. It was true Brennan.

Don’t forget you get a double dose of Bones this week with another new episode on Friday, it’s new night. Check out the preview for Friday. Brennan has jury duty:


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