Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 Episode 8

86507-greys-anatomy-fans-can-rest-easy-chief-webber-is-safe-there-he-is-righMeredith is flying high on her new life, or at least she was. She created a fork. While it wasn’t a human organ, I think that is still pretty cool. And you have to start somewhere. With only one day with the printer that’s a good achievement. From there she was doing a big surgery. I don’t know who was right, Alex or Meredith, but I don’t believe Meredith would kill a patient because she had something to prove. Cristina is always pushing the boundaries and so is Callie. That doesn’t mean there are not mistakes along the way, but they have saved a lot of people.

Cristina approached Meredith at the wrong time and she didn’t even show up for Meredith’s presentation. If Cristina wants to get their friendship back on track, she’s not making the effort. I think Meredith should have at least listened to Cristina, but again, it was the wrong time. Meredith turning Cristina down was not nearly as bad as Cristina jeopardizing Meredith’s research. If Cristina hoped to get their friendship back, it may be broken for good now.

There is something seriously wrong with Bailey. Is it because Ben came back or left over emotional scaring from killing patients? Bailey may have been right  about the rotting food in her son’s room, but looking through draws was going over board. Why would he have left food in his draws? The soccer bag should have been one of the first places she looked. Then she was overly cautious during surgery. And she keeps counting her fingers. So what is wrong?

Owen’s new girlfriend interviewed for a job at the hospital, but it seemed like Callie was interviewing her to be Owen’s girlfriend. It’s a very personal world these doctors live in and everyone knows everything. Emma is an outsider, so she’s right, if something went wrong everyone would take Owen’s side. She might be right not to take the job. As the doctors at Grey Sloan Memorial know, it’s hard to work with your significant other and even harder to work with your ex.

Check out the preview for next week. Callie makes a mistake and it may cost the hospital:


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