The Originals Season 1 Episode 6

the-originals-posterIt was only a matter of time before Marcel found Hayley. Does he know that she’s caring Klaus’s child though? Or does it not matter, just that Klaus is hiding her from him? What will he do with her? Just as they untie her from the witches, Marcel takes her. Marcel does not like people who cross him, sound familiar? He really is Klaus’s protege. This is not good news for Hayley.

Rebekah was finally about to be free, not even Marcel could convince her to stay. She tried to get him to leave, but like Klaus, his made family is more important. It would figure she had to fall in love with someone exactly like her brother, why couldn’t she fall in love with someone more like Elijah.

Elijah is not completely an honorable man though. He kept his promise to Sophie by not letting Klaus kill Agnes, but he never said he wouldn’t kill her. A very sneaky trick there. He said that no one gets away with hurting his family, which means he considers Hayley family. Hayley and Elijah had a moment there in the pool. I was thinking how long will it take for those two to get together, but now she’s missing, so that will have to wait. Elijah also tricked Davina into doing a spell, under the pretenses that it will help her control her magic. Will it help her control her magic? Does Elijah care about helping Davina? He did succeed in getting Hayley and Sophie untied, so that was a good thing.

I was scared there for a minute that Rebekah was going to be leaving town, but she got pulled back in. Sure we have Elijah back and did without him a few episodes, but as I’ve said before, Rebekah is my favorite original. I would be very upset to see her go. This episode also made me realize how much I missed Elijah. He’s always making promises and trying to do the right thing. I really liked the chemistry between him and Elena when he was on The Vampire Diaries. Elena always trusted him, but we are learning to be very aware of what he promises you.

Poor Klaus, he was able to give Cami the truth, but she hates him for it. But can you blame her,  would you be happy if someone killed someone for you? Ok technically Klaus didn’t kill anyone and it wasn’t for her, but she feels like it was for her. She has sworn to make him pay. First Caroline turns him down a million times and now Cami hates him. He just can’t do right by the ladies, though Caroline is now single. Will she be heading to New Orleans anytime soon?

Check out the preview for next week. Everyone is trying to find Hayley:


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