Supernatural Season 9 Episode 5

ustv-supernatural-season-9-posterAt the beginning of the episode, on the previously on part, it showed us all the bizarre, but funny things, Sam and Dean have encountered. Like talking teddy bears, a fear curse that made Dean terrified and an unlucky rabbit’s foot that made Sam very unlucky. This episode definitely goes into the category of bizarre.

The case was very run of the mill, which was nice to go back to an old standard case, but their sole witness was a dog. And with the research of the men of letters at their finger tips, they were able to figure out a way to communicate with the dog.

There was a spell, that reminded me a little of the polyjuice potion from Harry Potter, where you drink the potion and temporarily become the person. This drink had the hair of the dog, but you didn’t completely become a dog. Dean certainly became a dog in spirit. He was playing fetch, barking at the mail man and hanging his head out the window. These were the side effects of the spell. Dean was able to talk to all animals and the dogs at the pound became key witnesses in solving the case. Then some mice at the suspect’s restaurant also helped solve the case.

This episode was absolutely hilarious. While Dean was talking to witnesses, one witness was bargaining with him and what did she want? A tummy rub from Sam. Sam didn’t seem to appreciate it too much, but to be fair that’s not much to ask and the dog was cute.

So why are dogs here, if they are not man’s best friend? We almost found out, but the spell wore off just before the Colonel was going to let out their big secret.

In the mist of a very funny episode, Sam almost died, yet again. This boy seems to be almost dying more than usual. The more he almost dies the longer Ezekiel will have to stay in him. Sam definitely knows something is up, but I think it’s his old fears of demon blood being in him and his old psychic abilities. The guy asked him ‘what are you’ and said with those healing abilities it doesn’t matter, but of course Sam doesn’t remember healing himself. How long can Dean keep this secret?

Check out the  preview for next week. Cass is back and he’s trying to live a normal life, while being number one on heaven’s wanted list:


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