Grey’s Tops the Night, TVD Holds Steady on Halloween

86507-greys-anatomy-fans-can-rest-easy-chief-webber-is-safe-there-he-is-righFor Halloween night, Grey’s Anatomy had a Halloween themed episode and The Vampire Diaries had a costume ball and a lot of people stayed home to watch both episodes.

According to Wetpaint, 8.9 million  people  stayed home to watch episode 7, ‘Thriller’, of Grey’s Anatomy. This means that Grey’s Anatomy won their time slot on Halloween night. The Crazy Ones came in close behind with 8.06 million viewers, reported.

This wasn’t the shows highest ratings of the season though. According to Wetpaint, episode three received 9.6 million viewers. Wetpaint said that their Halloween night ratings is still impressive because many shows’ ratings dropped on the holiday.

More people tuned into Grey’s Anatomy on Halloween than they did the week before. TV By the Numbers reported the show having 8.73 million viewers the week before.

The-Vampire-Diaries-season-5The Vampire Diaries ratings were down on Halloween night for ‘Monster Ball’ coming in at 2.07 million viewers, compared to last week’s 2.63 million viewers, TV By the Numbers reported.

According to, The Vampire Diaries is a strong contender for renewal, along with Supernatural. So even with the dip in ratings, The Vampires Diaries is holding steady for season five.

In other news, the CW has recently released a new promo video. Check out the video with all your favorite CW stars:


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