Bones Season 9 Episode 7

Season_9_fanOf course Brennan and Booth couldn’t resist taking on a case on their honeymoon, well Booth didn’t have a choice, Brennan offered up her services and Booth got invited to help. Because he’s like a god in Argentina. They love Brennan’s books and their favorite character is Agent Andy, who is based on Booth.

Brennan just doesn’t know how to take a vacation. When she’s taken time off before she’s gone to places to identify remains. Has she ever actually gone on a legitimate vacation? I don’t think she has. Maybe Booth will teach her to relax yet. She seemed to be enjoying herself a bit more at the end of the honeymoon, said she missed the hotel room and even suggested going to a place with a prominent sports team for their next honeymoon.

It feels like forever since Brennan and Booth have been away solving a case. I always loved those cases. And Brennan was acting her usual self. When Dr. Perez said it was an honor having her visit, she replied saying I’m sure it is and even though Brennan was supposed to be consulting on the case, she acted like she was in charge.

It was refreshing to have more of the old Bones, the only thing that was missing was Hodgins getting all happy over his bugs and Cam walking in on either a disgusting sight to make her lose her appetite or some sort of crazy experiment.

Michael and Christine were on screen a lot more than usual and there was a lot more parenting than usual going on. Usually the two are in day care or in bed and we don’t get to see them very much. This time it was Hodgins and Angela running around trying to take care of them. Was this an opener for Angela and Hodgins to have another kid?

Next week there will be two new episodes of Bones. The first on Monday and then Bones will be moving to Friday. You will get to start and finish your week with Bones. Check out the preview for next week:

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