The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 5

The-Vampire-Diaries-season-5For a brief moment I stared at the screen as Katherine lay on the floor, presumably dead, and thought, I can’t believe she’s gone. Then you can hear the beating of her heart and she wakes up. How can she still be alive? Draining her of her blood was supposed to kill her, she’s human now. If she knew that when Silas drank her blood that she’d still be alive, she would have just handed herself over.

At least Elena’s conscience will be clear. As much as Elena hates Katherine, I don’t how she would feel if she had to take Katherine’s life to bring back Bonnie. Is Bonnie going to come back to life soon? Silas has taken the cure, so he should be a witch again now. Will he hold up his end of the deal?

I knew that Caroline and Tyler were not going to last much longer. At least he came and said good bye now. I understand how mad he must be, but he should see that revenge gets you no where. He had a good thing going with Caroline and he wont get that chance again.

How do Dr. Maxfield and Aaron tie into Elena’s roommate’s death? We know he covered it up. By why is he the guardian of Megan’s friend? Does Maxfield know Elena is a vampire? I think Elena will stay, she wants answers.

So Nadia is Katherine’s daughter. All of her secrecy is just to reunite with her mother. Maybe Katherine still has a heart of all of these years of running. It’s almost hard to believe that she went back for her daughter.

Check out the preview for next week. Will Silas bring back Bonnie?


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