The Originals Season 1 Episode 5

the-originals-posterNow we know why Davina is working with Marcel, he saved her life. He didn’t just save her out of the goodness of his heart though, he saved her so the witches wouldn’t get more powerful. He has also been using her since he found out how much power she had. So she has four witches’s power, no wonder she is so powerful. I hope Elijah can truly help her keep the magic under control, while she has it.

Will all four girls really come back to life when the harvest is over? Where will the originals side on helping or preventing the harvest?

This becomes very complicated. As Elijah said, Sophie will be very dangerous trying to bring back her niece, but she is also linked to Hayley. Haley’s safety depends on the witches.

It’s very fitting that The Originals is all about family. Since the originals came on to The Vampire Diaries they have  been all about family, for better or for worse. Now the original family, or what’s left of them, is stuck in the middle between Marcel’s made family and the witches’s family. Which family will end up on top?

What can the priest, Kieran, hold over Marcel? I feel like Marcel can snap his neck in two seconds. Once again it comes down to family. Kieran’s niece is Cami. There are so many family ties in New Orleans. What will Kieran think when he finds out that Klaus has used compulsion on Cami and is using her to get to Marcel? Klaus has so many enemies to begin with, I’m sure one more won’t make a difference.

Will Haley and Elijah be a couple in the future? There seems to be sparks there, even though she’s caring his brothers baby. Of course Klaus’s heart still belongs to Caroline.

Check out the preview for next week. The witches try to kill Haley’s baby through Sophie:

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