Nashville Season 2 Episode 6

nashville-season-2-posterRayna is finding it hard to find financing after her father was arrested. Her father has tainted their name and so has her sister. That guy was right, she does know all of her father’s dirty secrets. What will happen when everything is said and done and Rayna finds out that her sister was the one who provided the evidence for their father’s arrest?

I think Rayna feels very uncomfortable that with Scarlett going on tour, coming with a kiss and maybe some strings. I don’t think Rayna is ready to start dating. It’s awkward and hurtful for her to see Deacon with someone else and she’s still dealing with her daughter finding out her father is Deacon, not to mention her divorce hasn’t been finalized for that long. I guess at least she got Scarlett a spot on a tour, after she screwed up with Juliette.

Juliette is not one to take friendly advice. Rayna was not judging, just trying to help. What was Juliette thinking? It was bad enough it happened once, but now to have a six week affair under the pretenses of it being business is completely wrong. She was just starting to get her reputation back. Now Charlie’s wife has seen them and it’s no telling what she’s going to do about it. I hope Juliette is ready for the fall out that will happen from this.

I don’t know how I feel about Scarlett and Avery sleeping together. I preferred her with Gunnar, but he’s obviously moved on. Scarlett and Avery are not going to have as much time as they thought to figure out what sleeping together means. She’s going to be off on tour sooner than she thought.

Zoey doesn’t know exactly what Avery and Scarlett sleeping together means, because Scarlett doesn’t even know.  If Zoey wants to start seeing Gunnar she needs to talk to Scarlett first. Scarlett might be ok with it, but she’s not going to be ok with the lying.

There will be no new episode next week. Check out the preview for November 13:


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