Supernatural Season 9 Episode 4

ustv-supernatural-season-9-posterIt was nice to see some girl hunters in action this week. Sam and Dean are great hunters, but it’s nice to see some females on the show and Charlie is always a delight when she joins forces with the Winchesters.

She can officially call herself a hunter now, now that she has died and come back to life. How exactly is Dean going to explain that to her in the future. I’m guessing by then Sam will have found out about the angel possessing him.

At this point I say I trust Ezekiel, he’s saved both Charlie and Cass, as well as constantly working on saving Sam. Cass said he’s a good guy and he’s proving to be one. The only thing that worries me is Ruby, she seemed to be trust worthy but she was secretly gaining Sam’s trust so she could raise Lucifer. Not saying that Ezekiel has any sort of plans like that, but you can never be sure.

How long will he have to stay in Sam? How many times have Sam and Dean died and come back now? It’s interesting to know that Dorothy died and came back to life as well. It must be a hunter tradition. Well at least if you are wanted alive someone will bring you back to life. Bobby, John, Rufus, Jo and Ellen were not so lucky.

The bunker is becoming the center of the show. This episode didn’t even venture out of the bunker.

Charlie wanted adventure and Sam wanted a place to call home. They both got what they wanted. Not saying Sam will start decorating his room anytime soon, but at least he’s starting to get more comfortable  about the idea of a home.

Next week is another lighthearted episode. Dean will become an animal, or at least in his mind he will:


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