The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 4

The-Vampire-Diaries-season-5The truth about Bonnie is finally out and people can start grieving. Tyler even came back for Bonnie’s funeral. The only person that was missing was Stefan, and that’s because he can’t remember who Bonnie is and doesn’t want to see or speak to Damon and Elena.

How long did Bonnie think she could keep her death a secret? I think she was too afraid to deal with her death. She had to come clean though. Everyone was counting on her and they couldn’t understand why she wasn’t coming through.

I think there is still a little bit of Stefan in there. He’s mad at Elena and Damon, which is natural when he’s first hearing that his brother stole his girlfriend and he’s reaching out to Caroline. The two of them were pretty close before he disappeared. They kind of have a Lexi and Stefan relationship.

So Tyler is back, but for how long? And how will he feel that his girlfriend was kissing another guy. To be fair, Tyler was MIA and not responding to Caroline. You could barely say that they are together. So I think in this situation she should get a pass. I realize Tyler is the alpha male and wants to help his fellow werewolves out, but that doesn’t mean he gets to neglect his girlfriend while he’s doing it.

I think the more pressing issue is that Jessie is now going to become a vampire. Who is going to help him transition? How is he going to deal with all the changes that will happen? And why does Dr. Maxfield want to create a new vampire? What exactly is his research and how much of it is related to Elena’s dad’s research? At least we’ve swung back around to this part of the story. I was disappointed when we pressed pause on what’s going on in Whitmore to focus on Stefan.

So Matt has reached out to Jeremy, but it has been overshadowed by the secret of Bonnie’s death being revealed. At least Jeremy knows something about what’s going on with Matt. Now Matt needs to show Jeremy the video. Maybe even Damon. I don’t know if Damon has any knowledge of passengers, but he’s been around longer and may have some inkling of what a passenger is. Matt may only trust Caroline, Elena and Tyler when it comes to vampires, but he may have to start trusting Damon as well.


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