Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 Episode 6

86507-greys-anatomy-fans-can-rest-easy-chief-webber-is-safe-there-he-is-righCristina has ruined two relationships in her life because she doesn’t want to have kids. She was right to let Owen go, so he can find someone who does want kids, but she was supposed to be there for Meredith no matter what. She’s her person. Cristina has always seen herself better than anyone else, but over the years all the residents have proved themselves to be great surgeons. They are all great in different ways. If Cristina can’t accept that Meredith is trying to be a mom and a surgeon and be there for her, then Cristina will have to find a new person. Someone who see’s the world more like her.

I think Meredith made the right decision choosing her mom’s unfinished research. I think they will give her the grant. Callie is right the story writes itself, ‘daughter finishes brilliant dead mother’s unfinished work’. Meredith doesn’t want to be like her mother, but I think if she got her mom’s brain then that would be ok. She’s not like her mother though. Derek and Meredith have had their ups and downs, but they work through them. They stick by each other. Her parents couldn’t do that. Derek is a good husband, stepping back to let Meredith focus on her work. It has to be a challenge both being surgeons and having kids.

Callie is finally starting to move on. She was forcing it at first and now she’s doing it. I guess faking it until you make it really works.

Arizona is starting to move on too. Does she really like Murphy or is this just a rebound? I don’t think Murphy is the best person for a rebound. As Alex said, she’s clingy.

If Alex’s dad didn’t know who he was before, he does now. I think Joe was right to push him to talk to him. It wasn’t what Alex would have hoped for, but now he knows that his dad has left two families. As his dad was telling the story of his son, I was wondering if that was Alex or another son. Now Alex can really let go. He can realize it wasn’t him, it was his father. I think in the long run he’ll be happy he got some closure.

Check out the preview for next week. It’s a spooky episode just for Halloween:


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