The Originals Season 1 Episode 4

the-originals-posterElijah is back! Klaus and Rebekah didn’t have to do anything, Davina let him go without even knowing it. What are Davina and Elijah going to talk about? How will this help or hurt Klaus’s plans?

Who saved Hayley? Her birthmark was mentioned again. Could that have anything to do with her rescuer? We know that her family have something special to them, we just don’t know what. Is her past finally going to come to light? Hayley hasn’t had much of a storyline yet, besides carrying Klaus’s child. This is a great time to start expanding on her story. She seems like she could have an interesting story.

Everyone seems to have an agenda. Cami is in New Orleans to find out what happened to her brother. I have a feeling Marcel had something to do with it, but I could be wrong. Klaus really does care for Cami. It really hurt him to compel her not to look into what happened with her brother. It reminded me of when Damon confessed his love to Elena and then had to compel her to forget it. Though Klaus’s motives are a lot more sinister. He wants to win at all costs, not matter who ends up as casualties along the way. At least he did promise to find out what happened.

So Klaus has gained Davina’s allegiance and Rebekah is about to have Elijah back. Things are going well so far, but what is next?

Check out the preview for next week. Elijah is helping Davina and Klaus wants her:


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