Supernatural Season 9 Episode 3

ustv-supernatural-season-9-posterWhy didn’t Dean fight more to keep Cass with them? Can’t he just get warded from the angels again. Even if Cass leaves other reapers or angels will use Sam and Dean to find him. He’s safer in the bunker than anywhere else. Why is Ezekiel so afraid of being found? It’s not like Dean to cave so easily.

I was looking forward to seeing Sam and Dean teach Cass how to live. And I guess the birds and the bees will have to be his first lesson. Sam might want to jump in and teach him about healthy food too, before Dean passes over all of his bad eating habits.

Dean needs to start coming up with better stories. It won’t be long before Sam starts picking up on that something is off.

So Bartholomew is the new big bad angel in town. He’s pretty smart using a TV priest to get people to let the angels in. But that means more and more are going to be walking on earth. It’s bad enough that there are demons roaming around, now the Winchesters have to worry about angels too. That is kind of scary to think of so many angels hunting Cass down, but it’s not like they all haven’t been hunted for before. It’s just another typical day.

After the last few episodes have been very stressful, between Sam almost dying and searching for Cass, next week is going to be a bit lighter. Felicia Day will be back playing Charlie for the Dorothy from Oz episode. Check out the preview. It looks perfect just in time for Halloween:


One thought on “Supernatural Season 9 Episode 3

  1. I love what they did with the televangelist! I couldn’t agree with you more. Next week’s episode does look perfect for Halloween. Good job!

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