Revenge Season 3 Episode 4

revenge_season_3_by_myrmorko-d5rsu9f (1)Emily is having trouble keeping control of her men. Daniel is sleeping at a hotel, Jack is back scheming and now Aiden is framing Jack.

Aiden needs to get over his jealousy. Emily is not with Jack and she didn’t ask Jack for help, in fact she’s been trying hard to keep him out of it, but Jack wants in. He’s like a yo-yo. One minute Jack is condemning Emily for trying to make the Grayson’s pay and then the next minute he wants to make them pay. He needs to make up his mind.

Jack is about to get vey mad at Emily. She told him he wasn’t in any danger, but now he is. Who really tried to kill Conrad? Victoria? Patrick? Conrad has so many enemies so it could be just about anyone. But Conrad is going to be honing in on Jack now. Considering what Conrad does to people who haven’t done anything to him, what is he going to do to Jack, who he believes tried to kill him.

Emily has not been good recently playing the good fiancée. ‘Because I love you’ is not a good enough argument when your fiancée asks why you want to marry them. She needs to show that she loves him more. Otherwise this wedding and her takedown is not going to happen.

So Patrick is a lot like his mother, even though she didn’t raise him. What exactly did Nolan find out about him? Is he hooking up with Patrick for Emily’s sake or because he has a crush? Or maybe both?

That no technology vow didn’t last very long for Nolan. Will he be back to his old tricks now?

I was almost proud of Victoria. I thought she had gone and got and honest job. Of course not, it was all part of her end game. But she’s still with Conrad and he won’t let go very easily. I mean they divorced already and then got remarried for appearances. What a sad life Conrad and Victoria lead. Why is Daniel getting relationship advice from a man in a fake marriage? He’s becoming more and more like his father everyday. If he wants to build his own legacy then he has to let his parents deal with their issues on their own. He has to separate himself from them.

Watch the preview for next week. Victoria finds out who tried to kill Conrad:

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