The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 3

The-Vampire-Diaries-season-5I’m not sure how I feel about this back story of Silas and Amara taking the immortality elixir and because of that doppelgangers have been made  and are destined to be together. Elena and Stefan are just the latest doppelgangers. Stelena fans must be really happy with this news. While I am a Dalena fan, this is not the reason why I’m not sure about this. I like love stories, but The Vampire Diaries has never seemed like an all out love story to me. It’s a supernatural show with great villains and story lines. The relationships are just part of everyday life. Don’t get me wrong I loved when Elena confessed her love to Damon and I have enjoyed Stefan and Elena moments and Caroline and Tyler moments, but the show is about a lot more than these relationships, at least I hope it remains that way.

Now I do like the idea of a vengeful powerful witch. Now if Qetsiyah, or as she has modernized her name as Tessa, can bring herself back to life, can Bonnie do the same? Not that anything about Bonnie was mentioned in this episode. It’s not good that they don’t have their witch on hand when a powerful witch is seeking revenge.

So Silas no longer has his mind control, which is good, but now Stefan has amnesia. Was that part of Tessa’s plan? What exactly did she do to Stefan. Ok yes, we know she linked Silas and Stefan to take away Silas’ mind control, but there was no mention of Stefan forgetting who he was.

Matt once again is in danger and no one knows. So this traveler is still in him and if Nadia gets her way, will take over him completely. Matt needs to tell someone about these weird occurrences so this traveler doesn’t take over his body.

Does Katherine have to be drained of her blood or if any vampire bites her will they get cured? The details on this are a bit fuzzy, but both Tessa and Silas want to get their hands on her. And what does Nadia want Katherine for?

I was a little disappointed that the Ripper didn’t actually return. I like Ripper Stefan, just like I liked when Angel was evil on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Check out the preview for next week. How right is Tessa about fate pulling Elena and Stefan together?


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