Bones Season 9 Episode 5

Season_9_fanNext week is the big day for Brennan and Booth and this week they started making their wedding plans. Angela is Brennan’s maid of honor, no surprise there. But who will be Booth’s best man? I guess we will find out next week.

Computers seem to be replacing people more and more, but did the FBI really think that a computer could replace psychology? The human brain is very complex and no amount of variables can tell you what someone is thinking. Luckily it only took one case to prove that a computer can not do Sweet’s job.

Dr. Wells can only be compared to Sheldon, extremely smart, but no social skills. He best connects with a computer. He’s not that smart though, because he doesn’t realize why the squints and Booth are so good is because they work as a team. Time and time again they have saved the day by working as a team. They are best together, not apart. So he may have to come down from his high pedestal he’s put himself on and learn to work with his superiors, who actually have a lot to teach him.

They were making their bucket lists this week and surprise, surprise, Hodgins had the strangest one of all. I don’t think most people want to be shot out of cannon. I think a lot of people could be quite happy with Cam’s bucket list of living in Tuscany, drinking a lot of wine and having a lot of sex. Who would complain with that?

Next week is the wedding we’ve all been waiting for. The would they or won’t they question has long been quelled and after defeating their biggest enemy yet and having a child together, next week Brennan and Booth will say: ‘I do’.

Check out the preview for next week, the wedding of the series:


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