The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 2

The-Vampire-Diaries-season-5Stefan has escaped and fed. He’s been starving all summer and he’s bad when he just gets a little taste of blood. What is he going to be like after having no animal blood all summer and now has drank human blood? I’m not sure who they should worry more about. Ripper Stefan or Silas?

I understood why Damon didn’t tell Elena last week about Silas, Jeremy and Katherine, but maybe he should have. It was only a matter of time before Silas was going to present himself to Elena as Stefan. Silas is a smart villain, using Elena’s anger to trigger the mind control to kill Damon. He knew that Elena would be pissed at Damon when she found out her brother was expelled  and that Stefan was missing and he didn’t tell her.

Should Elena really leave Caroline alone in a new city where there seems to be another council? I know Caroline is tough, but she has no idea who she can trust. There’s definitely something happening between her and that guy. How long will her and Tyler last? He is choosing to be a part from her. I love Caroline and Tyler, but maybe it’s time for her to move on. He could be there with her and he’s not.

I am very surprised with Katherine. She came back to save them. She’s never been one to save people unless it benefits her. Yeah Matt and Jeremy are trying to protect her, but she could have easily died when she went back and she went back anyways. I like human Katherine. Elena might have to stop being so mad at her. I get why Elena hates her, but they can’t let Silas have her.

Looks like Bonnie is going to keep her secret a bit longer. How long will it take for Caroline and Elena to figure out something is wrong? She would have called them right away when he father died if she was alive. She can’t hide from this secret forever. Her friends deserve to know.

What did Elena’s dad know about vampires? Or should I say how much? I’m assuming the research her dad did was about vampires. Sure it could be scientific too, but he was part of the council. We’ve had little information about her parent’s involvement in the council, just that they were apart of it and were protecting Elena against vampires. It should be interesting to learn more about her father.

Who is this traveler and what does she want with Silas? She said she’s never considered herself a traveler, so what does she consider herself? There are enough villains to deal with between Silas and the mystery vampire at Whitmore and now Ripper Stefan is back.

Check out the preview for next week. Stefan is back and he’s hungry:


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