Nashville Season 2 Episode 3

nashville-season-2-posterI can’t believe Rayna has lost her voice. What will she do if she can’t sing anymore? That’s all she knows. What direction will the show go in if she can’t sing?

I really don’t like this new guy. He’s certainly a business man. Rayna wasn’t even his first choice to perform, he wanted Juliette to perform, but when she had other plans, he came to Rayna. But he lied about, he told Rayna that he changed his mind about Juliette. Rayna built Edgehill, he needs to show her some respect.

So far in this season Juliette has done a lot of things I do not like, but her making a gig with such influential people so she couldn’t do what her boss wanted her to do, was great. I mean she can’t cancel on people who own numerous radio stations. So in one way it’s good business and in another way she’s just pissing off her boss.

Now for the rest of her actions this episode, I wasn’t ok with. Avery has become a good friend of hers. It’s completely platonic, at the moment, and they can talk and get a long great. It was one thing to say he wasn’t her boyfriend, but to say he’s just the help, that was wrong. I mean he’s clearly more than just the help. Avery is right, Juliette doesn’t let anyone in and I get it. Druggy mother and loads of people letting her down, but Avery was being a genuine friend to her. And then to top that off she’s sleeping with a married man. I know she’s drunk, but still. She should have more respect for herself.

I loved the dress that Scarlett was wearing. The gold one they were getting her to try on was very pretty, but it wasn’t her. Granted this dress was a lot more high class than she’s use too, but it was more her than the other dresses. Scarlett is the sweet girl next door and I hope she doesn’t lose that on her way up to the top. She’s lucky she signed with Rayna because Rayna will take care of her the best she can. I know she’s at odds with Deacon at the moment, but she still loves him and wouldn’t want to do anything to hurt Scarlett. To top that off she’s a nice woman and would protect Scarlett anyways.

The music business is a tough place and things are not going easy for any of the artists.

Check out the preview for next week where Juliette is fighting to save her career and Rayna is fighting to save her family:

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