Supernatural Season 9 Premiere

ustv-supernatural-season-9-posterSo Sam is only alive because an angel is possessing him. I think if Sam knew he would kill Dean, well not literally, but he would certainly not be happy. But desperate times call for desperate measures.

Castiel saying that Ezekiel is a good guy makes me feel a little bit better, but he likes to believe in all the angels, so I hope Ezekiel is really a good guy.

It was really desperate of Dean to pray to the angels. Sam and Dean have not always been in the angels’ good graces. Who knew what was going to happen after that prayer. At least one of the angels that answered the prayer was good. I don’t think Dean expected them to come in search of Castiel. Of course he wasn’t thinking straight. He was just told that his brother was dying and it’s in God’s hands now. Little does the doctor know, God left a long time ago.

It’s a whole new world now. All the angels have fallen and have lost their wings and were injured in the process. Cass is their main focus, well killing Cass is their main focus, and he is now human. He will have to learn to fight like the Winchesters.

I like the look of the new season so far, granted it’s only one episode in. But new challengers have arisen, angry angels and Sam on the brink of death. I was a little worried when death came to see Sam. But then again they both have died numerous times before. I’m glad that Sam finally decided to fight.

I don’t know if Sam will forgive Dean when he finds out how he saved him though. The two have them have been shaken and torn apart so many times. Does there come a deal breaker when one can’t forgive the other? Sam never looked for or tried to save Dean from Purgatory, but Dean is willing to do anything to save Sam.

Check out the preview for next week when the demons enter the equation:


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