Supernatural Season 9 Preview

ustv-supernatural-season-9-posterLast season Sam and Dean set out upon the impossible task of closing hell and they failed, but only because succeeding would mean Sam would die.

The season finale had one of the most heartfelt scenes ever for Supernatural. Dean begged Sam to stop the trial and said he would let all the demons that hurt their mom walk for him, but it was still too late. As we go in to season nine Sam is dying and Dean will stop at nothing to save him. A running theme through the whole series. How many times can these guys die?

At the end of the season all the angels fell from heaven, which was Metatron’s plan all along.

Do you remember what all the trials were to close hell?

The first was to kill a hellhound. Dean was suppose to do it, but Sam ended up being the one. Dean wanted to close hell so Sam could go and live a normal life. But Sam ended up with the burden of the trials.

The second was to free a soul from hell. This actually worked out well, since Bobby never deserved to be in hell, but Crowley had put him there. Sam had to break into Purgatory and then into hell. He managed to save Bobby, but Dean had to sacrifice his vampire friend, Benny, in order to save Sam. Well Benny didn’t have to die, he could have hitched a ride back out of Purgatory with Sam, but chose to stay. He was able to cause a distraction for Sam and Bobby to get out, but also life in the real world with no friends was becoming too hard for Benny. If you remember Sam made Dean choose between Benny and him.

The last trial was to cure a demon, which ended up being Crowley.

Going further back in last season Sam never looked for Dean when he was in Purgatory and actually met a girl and fell in love. When Dean emerges from Purgatory he heads straight to Sam. Dean is not happy when he finds out Sam never looked for him. That’s what they do, they say ‘no don’t save me’ but they actually save each other time and time again.

So season nine is starting Tuesday, Sam and Dean have been to hell, Purgatory and heaven. They’ve defeated the yellow eyed demon, the angels time and time again, they’ve defeated the devil and the leviathan. What will this season be? The angels no longer have their wings  but hell is very much open for business. Will this ancient demon, Abaddon, be the main villain for season nine? Crowley was basically cured, does that mean he’s no longer a demon.

Season nine starts Tuesday 9/8c on the CW. Check out the preview for the season premiere:

Watch this video of ‘The road so far’ for season 8:


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