Revenge Season 3 Episode 2

revenge_season_3_by_myrmorko-d5rsu9f (1)So here we are in the beginning of the third season for a show all about retribution. In some ways the series looks similar to Gossip Girl or 90201, where Blair or Naomi would be taking down their enemies. The difference is this is adults and it’s dealing with more serious consequences. How long can a show about revenge last? How many take downs can the writers come up with and how many ways can Emily avenge her father?

This weeks episode was much different than the episodes we’ve seen. She’s on high gear trying to succeed in her plans by the end of the summer, but Nolan and Jack are trying to be the voice of reason. Nolan has always been against her plan and wished she would just be happy, like her father wanted. Jack seems to swing back and forth on the matter, remember it wasn’t too long ago he wanted to kill Conrad. I have to agree with Nolan that the clergyman has reformed and didn’t deserve being taken down. Emily did realize this when it was too late. She now wants to make it right, but for the wrong reasons.

As Conrad spoke to Emily, I thought, she’s succeeded where Conrad is concerned. He’s a ruined man. And I thought enough is enough, but Emily wants a confession. I think she’s been playing on the dark side a little too long and she is starting to lose her soul.

I feel bad for Daniel and Charlotte. They are innocent bystanders in this. They don’t deserve this. Daniel had a chance to cheat on Emily, but didn’t and is choosing to stay close to Emily and his family. A lot of Charlotte’s pain does come straight from her parents, but she has had the backlash of Emily’s schemes as well.

I still want to know why Aiden wants to take down Emily. What exactly happened between Aiden and Daniel in their fight? I just can’t see what would make him so mad that he would want to betray Emily. Emily has had enough betrayal in her life already.

She’s getting closer and closer to succeeding in taking down the Graysons, but what will be left of her when she is done?

Check out the preview for next week. Emily runs into Aiden with Victoria:


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