The Originals Series Premiere

the-originals-posterSo the show is called ‘The Originals’, but Rebekah is not joining them, Kol and Fin are dead and Klaus just stuck a dagger in Elijah. Should it not be called ‘The Original’ or ‘Klaus’. I guess we have to wait and see how many originals appear on the show.

For the most part this episode just filled in the gaps from the introduction episode from last season of The Vampire Diaries. In some ways this was good, it enabled people who don’t watch The Vampire Diaries to watch the premiere. For the most part there wasn’t any new information in it, just more detailed.

I was half looking forward to this episode and half not. I like the originals, but I like the part they played on The Vampire Diaries. So I didn’t like the idea of losing their characters in The Vampire Diaries. What I do like is Klaus being somewhat the good guy for once and having someone to defeat. Usually it’s everyone trying to defeat Klaus.

I was beginning to lose interested in the show. Seeing as it was kind of like the one we saw last season. I was expecting a completely new episode. Then Klaus goes and daggers Elijah, granted at this point that is totally not unexpected. Except it was this time, but only because the show is called ‘The Originals’, not ‘The Original’.

This does give me mixed feelings about the show. Is it just a show about Klaus? I did feel that way slightly last season. Seeing as Rebekah had no role in the show at all. I was wondering how Rebekah would fit in and for the moment she doesn’t. On the upside something new happened in this episode.

Then the real clincher came.  Marcel is controlling the witches with a witch. Do the witches want her back? She seems perfectly happy where she is. How did Marcel get a witch to do his bidding? At least the end intrigued me enough to watch next week.


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