Nashville Season 2 Episode 2

nashville-season-2-posterThis season Juliette is stooping really low to sell records, but now Edgehill Records has brought a new artists in and she’s singing Juliette’s old songs. Juliette is not happy and I wonder what she will do next to sell records. Could she be thinking the same as Rayna and leaving Edgehill?

If Rayna does leave will she take Scarlet with her? Scarlet’s career is just starting off and Rayna can’t leave her to Edgehill. This new guy is an ass, as said throughout the episode. Does her leaving mean she will taker her new label with her? I don’t think she wants to retire yet, but I think she is right that Edgehill is not the right place for her anymore.

I’m so mad at Will. He should have stayed with Rayna’s record label. As soon as Will is no longer profitable this new guy will just throw him away.

I’m so happy that Scarlet is giving Deacon tough love. I’m sorry he lost Rayna and Maddie is his daughter, but music is his first love and why on earth is he going to give that up without a fight? If he wants to be a good man all he has to do is be one. As Scarlet said last week he’s been like a father to her and look how well Scarlet has turned out. I’m glad he’s stopping feeling sorry for himself and taking charge.

Season two is heating up fast. Last season it was Rayna vs. Juliette and now it’s Rayna and Juliette vs. Edgehill. Well they might not actually team up together, which actually may be a good idea, but they certainly are not liking Edgehill at the moment.

So what’s next? Where do these ladies’ careers go from here? Avery is still the guitarist for Juliette, so what is happening with his career? Gunnar is writing again, which is good, but what’s next for him? A lot of music careers are up in the air at the beginning of this new season.

Check out the preview for next week, which may be devastating for Rayna:


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