Bones Season 9 Episode 3

Season_9_fanThere was some good points in this weeks episode and there were some bad points.

I knew that the boy killed the victim when they discovered the man was shot from below. It just made sense that someone smaller did the shooting. With all the evidence piling up that pointed to it not being a gang hit it was just so clear. Did anyone else think that too?

I guess this is why I was disappointed with the episode. I prefer when I don’t predict the killer. It makes it more interesting and fulfilling that way. Obviously sometimes I will figure out the killer before the squints and Booth do, but hopefully that won’t be too often.

Another thing I didn’t like about this episode was that there was no mention at all about Cam’s identity theft. At least they kept the storyline going from last week with Sweets taking his leave. That was something I did like about the episode. If the writers are going to have story arcs for the characters they should continue them with every episode, even if it’s just small mention.

I like when Booth and Sweets are out on a case together. I think they work well together and their chemistry is great on screen. We have’t seen that much of Sweets and Booth together in a long time.

Last week I worried if Sweets wouldn’t be on screen too much after taking his leave and this week he dominated the screen, but he still wants his time away. What will this mean for his character?

Next week Pelant is back and the preview is hinting to a conclusion to this storyline. Checkout the preview for next week:


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