Revenge Season 3 Premiere

revenge_season_3_by_myrmorko-d5rsu9f (1)Emily is back in the game and now she has a deadline for her revenge. Can she take the Grayson’s down in time before Jack reveals her secret?

I can understand Jack being mad for Emily lying to him, but Amanda was a willing participant in Emily’s scheme. Of course I’m sure Jack didn’t want to believe that, if Emily even told him. How can he not realize that when Emily stopped him from killing Conrad that she was protecting him from taking a life and going to jail. Emily has done her best to protect Jack every step of the way.

As happy as I am that Nolan is free, that happened entirely too quickly and too easily. I feel that there was whole lot of story that could have happened there. How did Emily react when she found out Nolan was arrested for terrorism? What were her first actions? What happened there? What on earth has happened over the past six months?

Charlotte obviously didn’t have the baby and the loss of the baby and Declan has certainly made her bitter. But why is she so mad at her mom and not at her father? Does she not know that the explosion her father orchestrated was the one that got her boyfriend killed?

My biggest question is why does Aiden want revenge against Emily? She chose revenge over him for now, not another person. So what happened over the six months that has made Aiden join forces with Victoria?

I think this was Emily’s coldest move yet. Huntington disease is a serious and very harsh disease. Is this disease not enough to destroy the family?  Conrad lost his position as governor and the rest of the family is devastated. If this is not the end game what is?

Season three has just started and we know in two months time Emily will be shot, but by who? She’s in a wedding dress, is it Daniel? Something is going to go horribly wrong.


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