Revenge Season 3 Preview

revenge_season_3_by_myrmorko-d5rsu9f (1)Revenge really heated it up last season, but then again it never cooled down. Everyone got in on the game. Emily, Nolan and Conrad got deeper, while Daniel and Jack got in on the game too, everyone with a different end game.

Nolan lost his love, Padama, and Aiden revenged his sister, but it didnt make the pain go away and Jack lost Amanda. None of the men in Emily’s life had it easy in season two.

After a very busy season, the two part season finale had so much going on.

We found out that Conrad is the initiative and other business men and he knew about the bomb in his building. It was planned to make the Grayson’s richer than they were before. The initiative is made up of business people profiting from tragedy.

Conrad also became Governor. Kind of reminds me when Dan became governor of Tree Hill. Dan played on his mistakes with Nathan and got all choked up, it was all written in his speech. Conrad also had emotion in written in his speech, he had a moment of silence for Declan, who died in the bombing that he orchestrated.

Declan lied to Charlotte before his surgery. He said he was fine, so she wouldn’t have horrible memories to remember him by. Nolan desperately wanted to help Declan and was willing to pay anything to do it, but all Declan needed was time, and he didn’t have enough. Victoria couldn’t bare to tell her daughter that she had lost her love, her baby’s father. It’s times like these that we truly see Victoria’s heart.

Victoria knows that Emily doesn’t love Daniel, but she hasn’t a clue what Emily is really up to. In some ways Victoria is right, her Emily are a lot a like. In other ways they are not. Victoria turned her back on the man she loved, while Emily is trying to revenge her father. Though Emily may lose a lot in the process.

She already lost her father and now Nolan is being framed. What is Emily doing to do when she finds out? She was so worried about Aiden getting framed, now the person closest to her is the one framed. Nolan and Emily are family and would do anything for each other. What will she do to get him off the hook before he ends up like her father?

What actually happened between Aiden and Daniel in their fight? Daniel arrives at his father’s party with blood on his shirt and Aiden is not heard of again. He’s in the promos for season three, does that mean he survived?

The biggest thing to happen in the finale was Emily telling Jack that she’s Amanda. He was about to shoot Conrad and Emily came clean. What will Jack do with this information? He was very angry when Nolan saved him from the explosion. He wanted to know how Nolan knew and Nolan came up with a good story, but Emily has been lying for two years and let him believe that he married and had a child with his once childhood friend. How does someone forgive that?

Season two was just as fast paced and exciting as season one, what is season three to bring? Will Emily succeed in her revenge and which man will she end up with? Jack, Daniel or Aiden?

Season three premieres Sunday, 9/8c on ABC.

Check out the preview for the premiere:


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