Nashville Season 2 Premiere

nashville-season-2-posterWe can rest easy knowing that Rayna is ok, but what is to become of her an Deacon? The love that they have can’t be erased, but what does the future hold?

There was a lot going on in this episode, I’m not sure where to start?

Deacon was punishing himself for what happened to Rayna by saying he was the driver, while his niece, Scarlett, was trying desperately to post his bail. She wasn’t wrong to believe in him, he hadn’t committed the crime and he was beating himself up for what part he did play in the accident. But now Deacon will have to apologize to Scarlett for the way he was treating her and try to explain himself.

At the beginning of this episode I was disgusted with Juliette, she was using Rayna’s tragedy to help promote her new album. It makes me wonder how many other singers do dedications like that and are just promoting themselves. I hope this isn’t that common. But as she walked down that dark path she found herself feeling for Rayna’s family. I don’t know if it was the reminder of her resent loss of her mother or seeing Rayna in the hospital. I just hope she doesn’t make public that Maddie is Deacon’s daughter. This will be a true test to Juliette’s character.

I had a feeling that Scarlett would say no to Gunnar. They hadn’t been dating that long, marriage is a big step. Her inviting him to sing with him definitely shows that the feelings are still there. She is choosing to work on herself and maybe that is a good choice. Avery chose music over everyone, until he came to his senses, and Gunnar was becoming someone else for his music. Through all that Scarlett is the one with the most success. She probably wants to stay down to earth on this journey and as the two men in her life have shown, that is not easy.

Could Lamar really have had something to do with his wife’s death? He couldn’t really have meant to kill his wife?

Season two has begun and I’m looking forward to the music and to see how the characters deal with the music and their tangled relationships.


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