Nashville Season 2 Preview

nashville-season-2-posterSeason one of Nashville was filled with great music, break-ups, couples, family drama and even death. It was a great first season and on Wednesday the crazy ride will continue.

Will Rayna survive the car crash and will Deacon ever forgive himself? If you remember Deacon fell of the wagon at the end of the season because he found out that Maddie was his daughter. He showed up to the memorial for Juliette’s mom drunk and driving. Rayna was driving him home, but couldn’t stop Deacon drinking. They were fighting and Rayna lost control of the car and the car fliped over.

Gunnar was going down a dark path at the end of  season one and ends up in jail. He tries to apologize to Scarlett, but she’s done with him.  Scarlett starts hanging out with Avery again and sings with him on stage. Gunnar proposes to Scarlett, but we don’t get an answer from Scarlett. What do you think she will say?

Juliette wins the CMA award and finds out that her mom was trying to protect her when she died.

Juliette’s ex-boyfriend, Dante, had made a sex tape of her and threatened to release it. Jolene called Dante saying she’ll pay him the $2 million in exchange for the SD card. Both Dante and Jolene had been using. Jolene shoots Dante and dies of an overdose.

Teddy is in a bit of a mess at the end of the season. He’s being investigated by the US Attorney’s office on the Cumberland Plaza project. His ex-mistress, Peggy, is also pregnant.

Season one left a lot of things unfinished, but season two is right around the corner!

Season two of Nashville will premiere Wednesday, September 25, 10/9c on ABC.

Check out the preview for the season two premiere: 

Here’s some of season one’s music, while you’re waiting for the news season: 

Nothing in this World will Ever Break my Heart Again 

Wrong Song

If I Didn’t Know Better

Looking for a Place to Shine


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