Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 Preview

86507-greys-anatomy-fans-can-rest-easy-chief-webber-is-safe-there-he-is-righLast season changed everything. Lexi and Mark died, Arizona lost her leg and Derek almost wasn’t able to operate again. On top of all that the hospital almost closed.

Now Meredith, Derek, Cristina, Arizona, Callie and Jackson own the hospital. Their settlement wasn’t enough to buy the hospital, they needed more funding and Richard went to his girlfriend and Jackson’s mother, Catherine. This is how Jackson became a part owner as well, well more of the full on boss. If you remember the rest of them didn’t like that so much, but Jackson proved himself in the end.

The end of season nine was very intense, which is typical in Grey’s Anatomy fashion. Meredith went into labor as the storm was coming in, Alex tried to tell Joe he loved her, but a tree interrupted him, Bailey still wouldn’t get into an OR, Matthew proposed to April in a very elaborate way, Owen was considering adopting Ethan and Arizona cheated on Callie.

So where did we leave off?

Bailey was able to get back into the OR when Meredith was in surgery and bleeding out on the table. Bailey still wasn’t ready, but her friend needed her. So she double gloved up and does what she does best, general surgery.  Meredith and her baby, who she named Bailey, are fine. He did get rushed to the NICU after birth and entered a room of chaos with the other babies.

With the power out and no extra batteries the ventilators where losing power and the doctors and interns where having to manually ventilate, but there wasn’t enough doctors and the parents started to panic. Derek said that there was enough people to ventilate and  Joe came to the rescue and said that it was easy to do and she would teach them. And Arizona said to Alex if you’re going to take credit when your girls go crazy, you have to take credit when they are great.

Arizona was too busy to even think about sleeping with Lauren, until the lights come back on and Callie spots Arizona’s ring on Lauren’s scrub top.  Apparently they put on each other’s scrub tops. This starts a huge argument between Callie and Arizona and it all comes back to the plane crash and Callie cutting off Arizona’s leg. Arizona doesn’t believe Callie lost anything in the plane crash, but Callie says she lost Mark and apparently she lost Arizona.

If enough wasn’t going on in the storm to begin with, a bus crashed and goes up in flames as it approaches the hospital. The doctors go and help the people and Jackson gets caught behind trying to help a little girl. The bus blows up and everyone, especially April, thinks Jackson is gone, but he emerges with the little girl. April loses it. She later tells Jackson that she wants him and won’t get married if he gives her a reason not to.

April wasn’t the only one to confess feelings, Alex finally tells Joe he loves her.

Cristina also lets Owen go. Cristina doesn’t wants kids, Owen does. Cristina has all she needs between Owen and surgery, but Owen needs the kid. So Cristina walks away.

As the storm comes to an end, Richard is unconscious in the basement with signs of electrocution and no one is sight.

Season ten starts on Thursday and there are so many questions. Will Richard survive? Will Arizona and and Callie work it out? Is this really the end of Cristina and Owen? Will Jackson give April a reason not to marry Matthew? And most importantly is this the final season?

Grey’s Anatomy is just as good, if not better than when she show began. Shonda Rhimes still keeps us on the edge of our seats and she still makes us cry each week. What will season ten bring? Sandra Oh is reportedly leaving the show after season 10. Can you blame her? Ten seasons is a long time to play one character. Friends lasted ten seasons and so did Beverly Hills 90210 and 7th Heaven took it to 11 seasons. The other actors are also contemplating their departure from the show. Could Grey’s Anatomy be coming to an end? For now we have to just get ready for another amazing season and see what the future brings.

The Grey’s Anatomy two-hour season 10 premiere starts Thursday, 9/8c on ABC.

Check out the preview the season 10 premiere:

Sandra Oh (Cristina Yang) is leaving:


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