Bones Season 9 Episode 1

Season_9_fanThe first episode of the new season was better than most of the episodes from season eight, but it still wasn’t up to the Bones’ standard.

The highlight of the episode was the tension between Booth and Brennan.

If we look back over all of the couples in TV land, Lorelei and Luke, Peyton and Lucas, Rachel and Ross etc. They can’t last forever, there has to be tension or break-ups between them before they end up happily ever after.

If there is no conflict or tension in a show, there is no show. There hasn’t been a lot of conflict or tension between the character’s of Bones in a long while. Angela and Hodgins are very happy together and until Pelant’s threat, Booth and Brennan were very happy. There use to be a lot of sexual tension between these characters and Booth and Brennan use to fight a lot, remember Angela said it was hot?

Despite Brennan not finding out why Booth won’t marry her, they’ve pretty much patched things up. Hopefully this will lead to an angry Pelant and more of Pelant. If not where is the show going?

It was nice seeing Angela yell at Booth. She loves Brennan so much, but for once Angela is wrong, well kind of wrong. She’s right that Booth is lying, but doesn’t see what is really going on. Even Cam was getting involved trying to give Booth advice. All of them are just really rooting for Brennan and Booth to work this out.

There was something that really upset me about the episode. I’m fine with commentary about other TV shows, but not promoting another TV show. Hodgins mentioned the new show Sleepy Hollow. Come one now, just because Bones gets a lot of viewers does not mean they should promote another show. This is not right and shouldn’t happen.

Next week Booth and Brennan go undercover at a marriage retreat. Check out this preview:


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