Bones Preview Season 9

Season_9_fanBones is coming back for a ninth season on Monday. As many fans will agree, the show just hasn’t been the same since Brennan and Booth had a baby. While we are all happy that they are together and have a child together, the chemistry of the show is just not the same. But we keep watching because we love the characters.

So many shows have gone past their prime and I hope Bones is not one of those shows and I hope that season nine will have some good surprises.

When we left off last season Pelant had threatened Booth saying he can’t marry Brennan or he will kill innocent people.

Brennan was heartbroken when Booth tells her he doesn’t think they should get married and used her own logic against her. After all these years Brennan finally wants to get married. Booth is also heartbroken having to say this to her and he can’t tell her why.

Pelant is the toughest opponent they’ve ever faced and while they saved Sweets from getting murdered, they still haven’t been able to catch Pelant.

The squints, Sweets and Booth have never faced an opponent they couldn’t beat and the writers really need to delve deeper into this storyline. I hope to see much more of Pelant. And despite the lack luster season eight, I am looking forward to season nine.

Bones season nine will premiere Monday, September 16, 8/7c on Fox.

Check out this video to preview season nine: 

Also check out this preview of the premiere: 


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