Grey’s Anatomy Season 9 Episode 21

0000066105_20100415153721 (1)Bailey was the center of an investigation and it’s torn her apart from the other doctors. If she only knew how many of the doctors were sticking up for her, almost all of them.

Meredith was the only one willing to break the rules for Bailey, but a lof of them had her back.

It was a very hard situation for the board, they had to protect the hospital, but they needed to stand by their doctor as well. Jackson stood strong trying to deal with the situation in the best why he could, his mother would be proud. But he may have lost some friends along the way. Being the boss means making those tough decisions. They are just lucky that everything worked out so well. Bailey doesn’t feel any better now that she’s cleared though. She lost three patients and a friend.

She just overheard Richard at the worst possible time. He was trying to get permission to take his patient into surgery to save him, he had to say what he said. And if Bailey would have just stayed a little bit longer she would have heard that Richard had complete faith in her and was standing by her.

In some ways it doesn’t surprise me at all that Christina will be in the delivery room with Meredith. They’ve shared so much together since they started their residency together. I think it’s right for her to be in there, even if Christina isn’t exactly a baby fan.

I think Christina is right, I think she is losing Owen. Owen has gotten really close to this little boy and still wants kids and Christina isn’t budging. I think people can change their mind and want kids after not wanting them, but I don’t think people decide not to have kids after wanting them. I think there is only way that this can end, and I don’t think it’s going to be good.

Finally Alex has realized he’s in love with Jo, that sure took long enough and just in time to make her mad too. How close is she with this boyfriend anyways, if she didn’t even tell him about her past? She’s much closer to Alex and I think she has feelings for him too or she wouldn’t have gotten as mad at him as she did. Will these two ever get it together?

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