The Carrie Diaries Season 1 Finale

The_Carrie_Diaries_TV_Series-233306192-largeThere was a lot of twists and turns in this season finale. I started the episode thinking Carrie would be mourning and moving on from Sebastian, but the episode had barely began and they were back together. Then they broke-up again and then they were together again.

I really like Sebastian and Carrie together. They are such a cute couple, but maybe they just weren’t meant to be. At least he broke her heart before they had sex. This should soften the blow for her, at least a little.

I’ve liked Maggie, but I’ve definitely changed my opinion of her. She goes and outs Walt, kisses her friends on again, off again boyfriend and then she has sex with the cop, again, even though he is engaged. She wonders why her life is the way it is. She needs to start looking at the decisions she has been making.

I never would have guessed that Dorrit would lose her virginity before Carrie, this should be interesting if Carrie gets renwed for a second season.

I’ve really enjoyed this first season. There is so much potential with this series. Carrie’s had her first broken heart and she still has her virginity. But she’s also lost one of her oldest friends in the process. Mouse went from being an academic freak to finding someone she could excel with.

If The Carrie Diaries doesn’t get get a second season, this finale wraps things up nicely. Carrie and Walt are moving on in the city, Maggie is stuck in a rut and Mouse actually has everything.

I hope the series gets renewed for a second season, but at least things ended nicely if we don’t get any more episodes.

What did you think of the episode? Leave me a comment.

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