Supernatural Season 8 Episode 19

supernatural-season-8-poster-thumb-315xauto-46367 (1)I have really missed Bobby and even if this is the last time we will see him, I was very happy to see him. Something tells me that this might not be the last of Bobby. He died, then he came back as a ghost and now Sam rescues him from Hell. I think he will be back.

There’s been very few times I’ve seen Sam scared, but when he was in Hell, he looked scared. And now even Sam has been to Purgatory. The Winchesters sure get around.

I hope that Benny isn’t dead. It looked like those other vampires were killing him. Benny is such a good guy. He went back to Purgatory to save a man that wanted to kill him. Ok, yes, he sacrificed himself because he was tired and done with life, but still, most vampires would hold a grudge.

Sam finally came around. If only he could have decided Benny was a descent guy before. Then Benny wouldn’t have killed himself, or potential have killed himself. I want to believe that he’s still alive and we will see him again.

Did Keven flee or did Crawley take him? When Sam and Dean arrived it didn’t look like Crawley had been there. Either way, this is very bad. But Kevin hid the tablet. If Crawley did take him, the tablet is safe. The problem is finding it.

Sam has now completed the second trial, but the third one is yet to be known and they have no prophet, and no tablet. What is their next move?

What did you think of the episode? Leave me a comment.

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Crowley is a bigger threat than usual this season, The High Wall has mentioned him in his ABC’s of Villainy.


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