Nashville Season 1 Episode 16

nsh-keyart-v2-630-jpg_223313 (1)Rayna and Deacon need to be together and they are getting further and further apart.

Now that we know that Mattie is Deacon’s daughter I keep thinking what will he do when he finds out? They have been running into each other more now than before we knew. I feel like this has to come up eventually. Why throw it in our face so much?

Those girls can sing, well with Rayna has their mother and in Mattie’s case, Deacon as her father, is there any surprise?

It doesn’t surprise me at all that Scarlatte decided not to sign the contract, but Gunnar’s reaction did surprise me. I knew he was a good guy, but he’s the guy we all dream of. I’m glad that this hasn’t broken them up. If anything it’s brought them closer together. I still think they both deserve the record deal.

I can’t believe Peggy leaked the divorce to the tabloids. Teddy had chosen to leave Rayna for her. Why did she have to make the divorce messy. Of course she would take the deal from Lamar and manipulate Teddy. I didn’t like Peggy before and I like her even less now.

Is Lamar going to survive the heart attack? He’s an intergal part of the show, the writers need to keep him around.

I hope that Avery is taking notes and learning form his situation. He left his band behind and now he’s in debt and has no contract. Is he heading to the Rayna and Juliette’s tour? Could be a good opportunity to get singed by Rayna, not that he deserves it. Scarlett didn’t leave Gunner behind and she got an ‘I love you’. I understand wanting something so bad that you would do anything to get it, but you have to keep your integrity at the same time.

Just as Juliette is taking a few steps forward and growing up, she takes a few steps back. We all saw her and Dante getting together, but he’s her mother’s sponsor. Jolene is very fragile at the moment and Juliette keeps pulling Dante away as it is. She needs to either let her mother all the way in or get her mother in a place where she can heal.

What did you think of the episode? Leave me a comment.

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