Bones Season 8 Episode 21

tv_bones12 (1)Another mediocre episode. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t good either. What happend to the Bones I fell in love with? I mean I still tune in every week and most weeks I’m disappointed, but I still keep watching. I guess I’m just hoping for the Bones that I got addicted to.

Things have changed so much over eight season. Brennan and Booth have always had feelings for each other but it was that heat and chemistry that made them interesting to watch and entertaining. Now that they are together, that spark has gone. Brennan is also a mother now, and that has changed her.

There are some moments when Brennan being a mother is used in a good way. Like this episode when she was trying to prove Christen was innocent, but she wasn’t. Even if Christen has the smarts of Brennan and Booth combined, as a child, she’s still going to typical kid things. Like bitting.

Hodgins and Angela are also happily married. No more having sex on their breaks.

Even though I have been very disappointed with season eight, I will watch the rest of the season and I will watch next season as well. For those little moments when the reminisce of the Bones I became addicted to is back and the hope that things get back on track.

What did you think of the episode? Leave me a comment.

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I’m at @ratedjess recaps season eight before the last two episodes.


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