Revenge Season 2 Episode 18

images-11Why is Jack going to Ashley?! I don’t trust Ashley. She only does things for herself. She is the last person he should be asking for help. Why doesn’t he ask Nolan? If Nolan is helping him, then Emily can keep an eye on him. This is way to dangerous for Jack. He has no idea what he’s getting himself into.

It doesn’t actually surprise me that Padma is dead. What does surprise me is that the Initiative kept her alive for six weeks. Why, right when Aiden and Emily were making their move to help find Padma, do they kill her? And why do the police think that Nolan had anything to do with it? Nolan is obviously devastated. Anyone can see just by looking at him that he’s not the one who killed Padma. This is going to make things complicated.

Now that Daniel and Emily are technically back together, what does that mean for Aiden and Emily? Emily didn’t initiate the getting back together, she didn’t even know it had happened until Aiden told her. I think Emily getting back together with Daniel is a good way to get closer to Victoria. Without Daniel she would never have been invited to the masquerade ball. She needs the Daniel connection to get into the Grayson’s events. Aiden must realize this.

I’m glad that Daniel figured out that his mother was behind the threat. Daniel is getting too smart for his parents. Being CEO of his family’s company has really made him grow.

How is Victoria going to prove she terminated a pregnancy? Victoria just tells one lie after another. How does she keep up with all the lies?

What is Emily’s plan? Is she going to try and find Victoria’s son?

What did you think of the episode? Leave me a comment.

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3 thoughts on “Revenge Season 2 Episode 18

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  2. I think Aiden had every right to be disgusted by Emily sleeping with Daniel. I think she crossed the line. What’s even worst, she expects Aiden to be OK with it. At least in season 1, when she was with Daniel, she didn’t have anyone else. Now it’s just sick and wrong. She is basically a revenge whore.

    • While Aiden has every right to be disgusted with Emily, Emily still needs the connection with Daniel to get to Victoria. We know at this point she will stop at nothing to get her revenge. I wouldn’t go as far as calling her a whore, but she should have thought before she acted.

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