Revenge Season 2 Episode 16

images-11The preview had me thinking that Emily’s foster brother may be a big problem, he still may be, but he wasn’t as scary a threat as I thought that he would be.

Eli is not the biggest thing that is going on at the moment, he may become a big problem later, but for now there are other things to be concerned about. Like the Falcon.

I never imagined we would meet someone that was more computer savvy than Nolan. I thought he was the best, I guess he’s the second best, for the moment.

So who is this Falcon? Is it someone we’ve come across already or someone else? How do the Grayson’s know someone that good with computers? And how is this person not owned by the Initiative? So many questions. Once again the episode leaves me with more questions than answers.

Emily is closer to the Initiative than ever before. Daniel has let her back in and she now has a window into the Initiative. Not a big one, since Daniel doesn’t know that much, but still. It’s a start. If only she knew what his plans for Aiden were though. Aiden’s been put in a very bad position. The Grayson’s already destroyed her father. Now they have plans to destroy her love too.  At least Aiden knows how the Grayson’s work, hopefully that will keep him safe.

What did you think of the episode? Leave me a comment.

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