The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 14

tvd-season4-exclusive-wallpapersby-dave-the-vampire-diaries-tv-show-32477502-1024-768 (1)The writers do not hold back. Jeremy is dead?! Katherine has the cure, Klaus is after Tyler, Silas is awake and their most powerful weapon, Bonnie, is bleeding to death. I don’t think it can get much worse than this, well I’m sure it could, but I don’t want to lose anymore of them.

I thought it was odd that Elena was going to kill the hunter, that’s because it wasn’t Elena.

Rebekah and Damon surprised me. I thought for sure Rebekah would try to get the cure for herself without saying a word, but she told Stefan. So, Damon really doesn’t want Elena to get the cure, but he was willing to let her have it. Not that Damon hasn’t been selfless when it comes to Elena before, that wasn’t what surprised me. What surprised me was that he really doesn’t want Elena to have the cure. I thought maybe last week he was just scared. Maybe he is scared, but I really thought he wanted Elena to have the cure.

Why does Katherine want the cure? Doesn’t she like being a vampire? She’s never seemed to have any interest in being human again.

Last week I pondered what would happen if almost everyone took the cure and where that would leave the show. Well, I should have known there was a catch with the cure and I kind of thought there might be. It’s too early into the season and series for their to be a cure for vampirism.

Jenna, Alaric, Carol and now Jeremy are dead. Who’s next? Most shows keep their main characters around, but The Vampire Diaries’ writers are not afraid to kill them off. I’m worried about what comes next? Too many character’s lives are in the balance.

What did you think of the episode? Leave me a comment.

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