Supernatural Season 8 Episode 14

supernatural-season-8-poster-thumb-315xauto-46367 (1)Sam and Dean are one step closer to closing the gates of hell and once again it all lies on Sam. He took it upon himself to put Lucifer back into the cage and now he’s shutting the gates of hell.

We’ve known Sam and Dean now for a very long time. Dean has been in this life for a very long time and he has only had one year out of it and he was miserable. Sam on the other hand has had a few occasions when he’s been able to get out and let’s face it, he prefers that life.

Sam wants to close the gates of hell so he can have a normal life and Dean wants to close the gates of hell so Sam can have a normal life. What about for himself? He finally has his own room. That’s pretty sad that it took him 30 odd years to get his own room. Why can’t he see more of the normal things for himself in the future? Did he just always believe he would die while hunting. Technically he’s already died numerous times.

I think it’s good that Sam has stepped in so maybe they can both have a future after this is all done.

So what are the other tests that they have to pass? In case you haven’t heard yet, Supernatural is coming back for a ninth season. So that makes me think that closing the gates of hell isn’t going to happen this season. If there are no more demons, what’s left for them to fight? When we faced the apocalypse that story took two seasons. Is this going to be like that? I am interested to see how they take the story, now that we know there will be another season.

There’s so much more they can do with the Men of Letters too. I hope they expand on that story.

Dean was a little off his game this week though. How did he not know that the ranch manger had made a deal? I had this feeling she had made a deal before she said it was a only a one night option,  but when she said that I knew it was true. It was so obvious. If you just looked into her eyes you could tell that was going to be her last night on earth.

So what’s next for the Winchester’s? Another test?  Or another case?

What did you think of the episode? Leave me a comment.

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